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Got a bunch of stuff i gotta get done. Back to it on sunday
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  • Reading: Citrus eventually
  • Watching: net juu no susume
  • Playing: Persona 5, Dead or alive 5 last round
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United States
27 years old amateur artist. Not in the best of health (Heart problem, weak bones, asthma weakened lungs) transgender (i don't need to be humored and treated as a girl though, i can deal with not being what i want) i am an athiest so i don't believe in religion nor religious morals so don't expect me to humor any beliefs on the matter, though i do respect that other people are and i don't intend to make anyone feel like they should believe the same things. I am also pretty weird in the sense that i just like niche or odd things but i am very nice. Though i have a very hard home life so if i seem disinterested or stand off-ish its either because i have nothing interesting to add to something or i'm just having a hard day. OR you keep trying to give me ''recommendations'' on what to draw, trying to loophole your way to a free commission. So i don't respond to stuff like ''you should draw this'' Nothing substantial to say about my life or ambitions as im lacking in both, so i'll give a simple list of likes and dislikes

Likes: Drawing (obviously) japanese animation and manga, Cute things, videogames and videogame music, romantic drama,

Dislikes: Hypocrites, prejudice/discrimination of any kind towards things that can't be changed or chosen, being hot, disgusting things/sense of humor (basically shrek humor) memes, people forcing ideals on others.
never once will you hear me acknowledge the use of the "term" "waifu" i wish i never had to hear that. And i'm actually bitter at azumanga daioh just because of it.


I'll do any genre for pictures or stories, including hentai (For those wondering) so long as i find its not hateful/discriminatory or something im against, which is very little. So don't be afraid to at least ask (though i draw a line at things i find too disgusting for my taste) and i'm also not really a fan of or good at drawing furries. (I will NEVER draw sonic or its characters, so don't even ask) characters with a few animal features like nekomimi are fine, but simple upward human sized animals (example, loony toons cast) just isnt my thing :/ but i'm very open minded and don't judge so don't feel like you need to worry about offending me.

Im currently not accepting point commissions. (Nor will i ever, points are useless) I can accept amazon gift cards and paypal, though gift cards are more convenient for me.
theres 2 videos below on how to purchase amazon gift cards, though its essentially just going to amazon and buying them with paypal as you would anything.

Sorry that this next bit drags on but PLEASE do not give me half done or commission ''concepts'' i'm not here to help get ideas. as i say many times i am 'just the hired pen' being made to come up with ideas for something i didn't originally think of is stressful and makes progression even slower both for your picture and other people whom are waiting on theirs. Especially if its a large idea or comic. It also makes me feel irresponsible to have money spent on me for an idea you're unsure of. So be sure you have all the ideas and details of a commission ready. Mean as it sounds i'm not trying to be close friends with every commissioner and discuss every aspect of why they had this idea, or being asked if i like it and wanna get to know more about the characters or have personal chats (Already had enough bad experiences with that..) i don't wanna pretend i'm into something i'm not, as its not fair to anyone and doing that for so long is part of the 2 decades worth of stress i have built up because of people that can't accept i don't like the same things. Also i know paypal takes a little of every transaction (which is another reason i think the giftcards are better) and i wanna add you DON'T have to send extra to compensate for that. I'm not a monster, and you don't have to pay more because of their policies.……

Commission prices (may be subject to change, be sure not to ask for something you cant afford )





MULTIPLE CHARACTER(starts at 2) - COLOR - BACKGROUND -----14:dollarus: plus 1 for every extra character

MULTIPLE CHARACTER(starts at 2) - COLOR + BACKGROUND----16 :dollarus: plus 1 for every extra character

MULTIPLE CHARACTER(starts at 2) + COLOR - BACKGROUND----17 :dollarus: plus 1 for every extra character

MULTIPLE CHARACTER(starts at 2) + COLOR + BACKGROUND----18 :dollarus: plus 1 for every extra character


DRAWN STORY - COLOR----17 :dollarus: a page (one side of paper)

DRAWN STORY + COLOR----20 :dollarus: a page (one side of paper) price may vary based on the amount of details (may be more depending on work amount and backgrounds)

i do not do requests, i don't care how much someone whines, nags, compliments or tries to guilt, im already one of the cheapest people on dA and i do a lot for a little so don't make me an enemy for following the rules of society of pay and exchange

if the amount is uneven ill just round out the difference myself
please place all references in stash on this site, i cant always check them if they're anywhere else

anyone is free to recolor my pictures or post any commissions, so long as im credited somehow if it should be posted so no one accuses anyone of stealing

Current Residence: Hmm, who knows

Favourite genre of music: Mostly epic sounding things, but pretty much anything thats good

Favorite style of art: Shoujo. japanese anime style mostly

MP3 player of choice: My vita

Wallpaper of choice: ANIME!!

Favorite cartoon character: Kanbaru suruga for now

Personal Quotes: "Be honest about yourself from the start. Find out who your real friends are"

"Referencing is not tracing/copying"

"What you like doesn't determine what you ARE like"

''Death to internet memes..''

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True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares



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princeofhalcyon Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Im behind on everything and my body is punishing me for it apparently
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How are you feeling lately?  :)
Ninethousandfanfics Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017
Take it easy dude.  Don't overwork yourself and make sure to save your energy!
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Please can I join the art of tickling
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If tracing is a form of flattery, what does that make this?

Mature Content

Naked Lana Tickle by LoveTickler
princeofhalcyon Featured By Owner Edited Jul 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol wasn't expecting to see this. I actually put this situation in my profile, i dont mind if people wanna recolor or do whatever with my pictures as long as they ask BEFORE they do it, and don't go trying to take credit for the whole thing obviously. 

That being said, that was a weird paragraph explaining this he left.. i assume the crossed out name means he deactivated the account already.
TickleWizard Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017
If a name gets crossed out, it's either been deactivated or banned.
princeofhalcyon Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Some weird people on this site for sure. Guess theres no point worrying too much about it anyway. If you look at some of those booru sites, some other people (or the same people idk) have done stuff like recolor my pics or de-cloth people somehow and posted them without my permission. i dont see how with how uneven my colored pencil work is lol. 
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